The beach of Torre Pedrera

The beach of Torre Pedrera, which extends for two kilometres, is ideal for spending a relaxing holiday with lots of time for fun and games in the numerous equipped areas complete with all amenities and services designed for a broad and variegated range of users. The climate, already mild in the month of May, invites visitors to take pleasant long walks along the sand or in the cool and clear sea.

Summer brings with it a whole palette of colours which light up the beaches of the Riviera. Beach-beds, sunshades, beach volleyball courts, equipped gyms protected from the sun, whirlpool baths and relaxation areas, Mini Clubs with plenty of entertaining games for the kiddies and naturally bathing attendants who always stand out in terms of energy and contagious friendliness.

Safety is one of the main features of our beach: the sea slopes gently down and the sea bed is everywhere sandy. These factors, together with the constant presence of life-guards, make our beaches the safest in Italy.